Friday, 23 November 2012

1st Training Ride

Today I went on my first training ride with the bike semi loaded.  I'm still waiting for the panniers to be delivered, so I just loaded up the frame bag. The plan was to keep a nice steady speed and try and keep my HR under 80% max.

Training Miles - 40 
Total Miles - 40

Strava Ride Data

Garmin Ride Data

Although it was cold today, it wasn't raining which is always a bonus.  The roads were still wet but thanks to the full guards my arse stayed nice and dry.  Another bonus.

Stopped off at the Blacksmiths Coffee Shop in Belsay on the way home for lunch and a brew and got talking to a bloke who did Lejog last year.  He said I was daft for starting in John O'Groats as there is more chance of a headwind from N to S ! He also said the A9 near Inverness was canny bad ! Nice bloke though.

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