Day 1

Jogle Day 1 - Every Journey Has a Start

After a canny sleep at some dreadful hotel at John O'Groats I set off about 7:20. First things first though . Photo time . I headed down towards the coast to get a starting photo at JOG. It was early and there was not a soul in site. The sign post was there but the arms were missing. Great start . Never mind I'll photo shop a few in on my return.
The Famous John O'Groats Sign 
I found another (free) one. Bingo.

A quick photo then I was off. I pressed on and soon was climbing steadily leaving John O'Grim in the distance. The rain was coming down heavier and I pulled over to set up my lights. Safety first. Glasses were now off as I couldn't see with all the spray and visibility was reduced to about 60 metres 

I pushed on eating an energy gel every hour and a drink of water every 20 mins. The route hugs the coastline and would be spectacular on a clear, calm day.
The best views are reserved for the cows
 I dropped down through a few steep hairpin bends and rounded the last bend to be met by a wall of Tarmac reaching into the sky. The Garmin had it at 13% but felt much steeper on a loaded bike. 
The first pit stop was just after 50 miles and was much needed. A quick soup and scone and I was off again. 
Telford Bridge over the River Helmsdale
Timespan’s River CafĂ©
Nice cafe riverside setting. Miserable staff though :(
70 miles to go I thought. The rain eased and I made steady progress towards Inverness. Same fueling and water intervals got me to about 30 miles to go when I had to stop to replenish my water and thought a cheeky snickers would give me a boost. The rain had now stopped but the head wind was getting stronger. At some points I crawled along at 8-9 mph! Heading down towards Ross and Cromarty I made good progress with a slight tail wind. I hit about 26 mph and was cruising along nicely, until I rounded the coastline and bam- a full on headwind which didn't ease until i reached Beauly. 
My good friend Will, who was fishing about 2 hrs away planned to meet me at the B & B. He was there with a bottle of champagne, party whistles and some silly string . It was a great welcome. He also bought my dinner. Thanks Will, much appreciated. 
First thing was to open the goodie box that I'd posted and start my recovery. Contained in the boxes are energy gels, porridge, vit tablets, travel wash, chamois cream, recovery drink and pressie from Mrs C.
Recovery tights on and legs up to aid healing 
Surprise from Mrs C x
Comedy key to bike storage
B&B - Chrialdon House Beauly
Haggis, neeps 'n tatties #standard recovery fuel
Day 1 DONE
Time 9.5 hrs
Miles 118
Average Speed 12.5 mph
Calories 4000
Road Kill 4
Flies in mouth 0
Bottles of urine discarded by drivers 3
Grin Rating 6

John O'Groats to Inverness Route - Click Here


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