Sunday, 6 January 2013

2nd Training Ride

Well after a month of pretty crap weather, Christmas and New Year eating and drinking it is time to catch up on some road miles.  I'm now the heaviest I've been at 86.4kg ! Just at the beginning of December 2012 I weighed 81.4kg.  A few too many beers and chocolates I think.
The panniers have arrived so at least I can train on a loaded bike.  I've bought some local maps that show the C2C route and Sustrans route 72 - Hadrian's Cycleway as I plan to use some of these routes for my training.  Today was the day I'd start exploring route 72.
I loaded the Ortlieb panniers with an approx weight I'd be taking on my Jogle - total loaded bike weight 17kg (needs checking) and set off to join route 72 at Newburn.

The idea of today's ride was to keep a nice steady pace with a HR below 80% and to get a feel of a loaded bike.  The bike does feel a lot heavier and sluggish as it's the first time I've ridden with loaded panniers but I rode 40 miles without much problem.  I headed west and rode some nice stretches of route 72 that I'd never ridden before.

National Cycle Network milepost on the Stanegate

Training Miles - 42 
Total Miles - 285 miles

Strava Ride Data

Garmin Ride Data

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